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- Power Strip fixer adopt punch-free design, super viscous backing glue, simple installation without tools or drilling,With the highly strong double-sided adhesive for each power strip, you can adhere it wherever desired on flat surfaces such as ceramic, mirror, stainless steel, acrylic, plastic, and wood.
- Fixed power strip, remote control, photo frame, wall clock, cabinet light, paper towel boxes, routers, adapters, etc. -The wall-mounted Power Strip Fixator is easy to install and reduce cord clutter.
- New ideas power strip organizer will make your home accessories cleaner and more orderly, no more mess and protect you from tripping.
- Work on smooth ceramic tile, flat stainless steel,acrylic, plastic, mirror, laminate base, etc. 
- The Power Strip Fixator could be installed in kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom wall. 


- With Tail-cap ON/OFF button, simple to use
- Suitable for camping, travel and other outdoor activities
- With strap on the tail cap, can be put in your pocket or hung on your bag
- Wide beam, great for lighting the path, intense spot penetrates deep into the darkness
- Mobile Phone Charging Led Flashlight
- Features:Charging for mobile devices
- Wick:CREE L2
- Range: 800m
- Light Color: White
- Charging: Yes
- Modes: 5,Strong,Middle,Weak,Flash,SOS
- Power: 18650 battery or 3*AAA batteries( Battery AAA Not Included)
- Lighting time:4-10 hours
- bulbs life:100,000 hours
- Switch: Metal
- Material: Aluminum alloy


- 3-in-1 multi-function design of air cooler, air purifier and air humidifier. 
- The cooling design allows you to stay away from the hot summer and enjoy the cool summer. 
- The purification and humidification functions can get better air.
- Adjustable wind speed and upgraded filter cotton.
- Can adjust three wind speeds (high, medium and low), the maximum fan speed reaches 5m / s; effectively block the fine dust particles in the air, dust bacteria, microorganisms, etc., to make the air cleaner.
- You can add water and ice crystals in the water container to increase the moisture in the air. 
- The volume is small and portable. You don't need to worry about the line being lost.
- The wind direction can be adjusted up and down to meet the air supply at more angles; this air cooler is only 50dB, which is a little higher than the sound of fallen leaves.


- Protect cables: the cable protectors are designed with highly flexible silicone and can be applied as phone charger saver and charger protector to completely protect cables for all devices, including cell phones, computers, laptops, cables, mouse cable, etc.
- Protection effect: protect wires and power cords from dirt, frays, tangles and knots.
- Reduce the risk of fraying and breaking
- Touch comfortable: the cable protector feels nice and is fun to install on any wires end, can be applied to protect your headphone cords and charger cables.
- You can also relieve your stress when you touch it.
- Relax yourself, even better, the cable protector looks cool
- Prolong life of cables: the charger cable saver will help to prolong the life of your cable even the cable has been damaged
- Simple to install: a detailed usage is provided; With no worries to wrap the cable protector onto your preferred cable
- Works for iphone cables or comparable cable
- Adorable and cute screw are here to protect your cable.
- Prevents cable from disconnect
- Not only these screw will make a pretty combination, these are excellent in preventing the outer part of lighning cable which usually easliy broken while disconnecting the cable


- Type C male to 3.5mm female audio adapter is specifically designed to connect the Type-C smartphone which has no 3.5mm aux jack. 
- With this audio converter, you can continue to use the headphones you have.
- Compatible with most USB-C and 3.5mm devices. 
- Type-C to AUX jack adapter supports listening music,
- Type C to AUX female adapter is built-in Hi-Fi/DAC Chip and high quality Oxygen-free copper wires guarantees clear and stable sound quality, ensuring stable and clear sound transmission, providing you with the excellent audio experience.


- 100% Brand new and high quality!
- Practical and Universal
- Design for iPhone and android repair tool
- Compact shape and delicate, easy to carry
- Allow you to open cover of the mobile phone easily and without damage to the phone cover
- Great for home, phone store


- Fashionable appearance, compact size, easy to carry
- IPX6 waterproof grade, can be used as usual in rainy days
- Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, no need to buy battery
- Micro USB charging interface, convenient and fast


- 100% Brand new adn high quality.
- Smokeless, tasteless, super mute LED lamp mosquito killer for daily use.
- Catch all mosquitoes, flying insects, annoying bugs, etc.
- The light has no any poisonous chemical composition, and has no harm to human.
- It irradiates photocatalyst by ultraviolet radiation, and generate the breath which is
similar to the human smell, to ensnare and inhale mosquito to the storage chamber,
and then make them to be killed by the trap.
- Suitable for home, hotel, restaurant, school, park and hospital.
- Suggested using height is 0.8 - 1.2 meter, and the distance to wall should over 0.3 meter.
- We suggest to use the killer 24 hourse continually to extend the using limits of the fluorescent tube.
- The killer is designer with power saving, decorating, soft lights so it should be used in place without strong lights. Using the killer correctly or not would effect the killing effect. For example using the killer in bed-room without turning on any other lights for 10-20 minutes or put the killer in the darkness under a table while working studying are all the good ways to use the killer.


- 3-Position: 3 positions design. It can be used for multi platform live broadcasting. - Multi account broadcast simultaneously.
- Material: Made of durable ABS plastic, no-slip feet, desktop holder, additional accessories for live broadcast.
- Adjustable Angle/Height: Each mobile phone can adjust alone. Meet the needs of each shooting angle. The height also can be adjusted.
- Universal Compatibility: Works well with all smartphones, clamps fit phone about 4.7-6.5 inch.
- Portable Size: Small in size, lightweight and compact that you can put it in your pocket and take it anywhere.
- Multi-Function: Perfect for professional makeup, selfie, real-time video, portrait photography, video chat, live streaming, product display, etc.


- Turn on the charging box switch (blue or red light).
(Important note: Turn on the charging box before turning on the charging box, which is the premise for the headphone to be turned on Automatically)
- Pair with other devices: Turn on your phone or other device Bluetooth settings ----- Search for the Bluetooth name , click Connect Bluetooth,
- The headset is placed in the charging box to enter the charging mode, and the headset is automatically turned off.
- Wireless Headphones Both left and right headphones can be separated and linked separately, other Bluetooth devices use
- wireless headset If the Bluetooth device is not connected for 5 minutes, it will automatically shut down.
- Headphones Music playback time is about 1-2 hours, talk time is about 2-3 hours, standby time is about 6 hours;
- Charging stand Battery capacity 400AH, Headphones Battery capacity 40mAh;
- Charging time 70 minutes;
- Charging box charging voltage 5V;
- Charging box time is 1 hour, the charging box capacity is 300mAh, charging red light flashing is always bright;
- Charging box Charge the headset for about 3 times;
- When the headset is charging, the red light is always on, and the light is off;
- Charging box When the headphone is charged, the blue light is always on.
Pairing method:
long press the blue light flash pairing mode, wait after booting
Automatically pair together (one of them does not flash is paired successfully) to connect to the phone Bluetooth.


- Model Number: 116plus
- Dispaly Size: 1.3 inch
- Dispaly Resolution 240 x 240
- Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0
- Operating mode: Touch button
- Compatible: Android/IOS
- Battery Capacity: 150mAh
- Standby time: 3-5 days
- Functions: Alarm Clock, Remote Camera, Blood Oxygen, Date, Heart Rate, Message, Sedentary Reminder, Sleep Management, Time
- Case material: metal
- Band material: Silicone
- Band size: 260 x 20mm
- Dial size: 39.8 x 39.8 x 9.6mm
- Wearable length: 160mm-240mm


- 100% Brand New and High Quality. 
- The new version 1.4 HDMI cable.
- Compatible with all previous HDMI standards.
- HDMI: anti slip sheet head head gold plated.
- Wire: copper wire coated with silver inside to reduce interference.
- Coverage of the cable shielding standard: 4 camadas, polyethylene insulating material of high accuracy.
- Fully compatible with HDCP to provide high level of signal quality.
- Supports uncompressed audio / video signals for HDTV, LCD, DVD, HDTV receiving box, etc.
- Supports multiple audio formats, from stereo to multi-channel sound.
- Perfect for high definition video and standard video formats.
- For maximum protection of shielded RFI and EMI interference.
- Supports 720 P and 1080 P true HD resolution.